Warm Fuzzies In STRIDERville!

Need something to smile about?  Just look at our facebook page! 

At Strider we get to hear a ton of fun stories from parents of toddlers learning to ride bikes and their amazing adventures.  The pictures we receive could literally have us overdosing on cuteness on any given day.  It is truly one of the most rewarding parts of our job!

I have to admit, though, I have a soft spot in my heart for the letters, emails and pictures we get from therapists who are using our bikes as a tool to improve the health and lives of kids with disabilities.  The therapists are thankful for a bike that they can use to help the kids in their work and we are thankful for the amazing things they do to help kids every day!

From increasing balance, assisting with work on range of motion, to building strength, and aiding in bilateral motor coordination therapists are using STRIDER Bikes as tools. The kids are having fun and often don’t even realize they aren’t just playing!

Here are just a couple pictures and a couple stories to warm your heart today:




”Using the Strider Super 16 is the perfect tool to integrate balance, coordination, and strength along with giving kids with various challenges the confidence and independence that they would never experience with a standard bike.  It’s priceless to see the smiles on their faces when they finally grasp the concept.  Thanks Strider!!!”  Kim Burke, MPT













“I have a few of one little camper on your bikes so I’ve attached them here.  His Mom told me that the therapists had him using them a great deal though the week because he enjoyed them so much and they helped him work his quads which he needed to accomplish one of his goals for the week of going up and down stairs using alternate feet.  He achieved that goal and others during his week at camp.  And his parents said they’re going to be buying a Strider Bike for him now because of this experience.”  Sarah Hartway, Adam’s Camp







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