Lincoln Twins Embrace Friendly Competition

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Collin and Graham Bombeck of Lincoln, Nebraska, were about 18 months old when their father, Derek, bought them Strider Bikes. The 3-year-old twins raced their bikes last year, and are planning to show off their improved skills at the 2017 Strider Cup Race sponsored by Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers on June 10, this year held at Tower Square (details at

“It has been very interesting to watch them progress on their Strider Bikes,” said Derek. “They were very timid at first and have now gained a lot of balance, coordination and confidence. No matter how fast they get going down hills, they always seem to be in control and know how to safely slow down.”

Derek added, “Having twin boys makes everything a competition or race. They compete with one another in everything – from putting on their clothes to finishing their meals. Their Strider Bikes offer a constructive way for them to race while burning energy and having fun. A little competition is a good thing and it makes them each want to get better and faster for the next time.”

Collin and Graham sparked enthusiasm in their neighborhood for the Strider Bikes. After seeing the boys progress and balance, some neighbors were so impressed they bought bikes for their kids. 

As the Sales Development Manager at the Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau, Derek knew about the Strider Cup Race many months beforehand. He was very impressed with how professionally the race was organized and run.

“It was an amazing, fun and kid-friendly event for the families. What blew me away was all of the detail that the Strider team put into setting up the course, as well as the production of the event. It was first class.”

“I’m sure we’ll have even more families this year,” he added. “The thing I heard most was how people wished they would have gotten their kids in the event. After seeing the news and reading about it in the papers, families were hoping it would come back this year.”

Since the twins don’t understand the concept of time, Derek hasn’t told his them about this year’s race yet, “or they would constantly be asking if the race is today or tomorrow.”

“I’m sure they’ll be excited to get new shirts, as they still refer to last year’s shirts as their ‘cool’ shirts and always want to wear them. The medals and the bell attachments that they received were also pretty huge for them.”

You never know what cool item will be in the racer goodie bags!

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