STRIDER Bikes Improve Physical and Emotional Health of Individuals with Special Needs



Through Rider Fund, Strider will donate $200,000 to Special Needs Community in 2015;
Races for Athletes with Special Needs Added to 2nd Annual STRIDER Championship Series

Rapid City, SD (March 10, 2015) — Strider believes every person should have the chance to ride a bike. “Some people told us David would never ride on two-wheels, but starting on a STRIDER Bike gave him confidence and newfound freedom,” said Mona Drolc, Head Coach for Rapid City Special Olympics Young Athletes Program and instructor for STRIDER Camp classes.

David is 7 years old, has Down syndrome and won the special needs exhibition race at the STRIDER World Championships last year. Mona, his proud mom, added, “he’s not afraid to participate with others and wants to help his friends learn to ride. It’s changed his attitude towards riding a regular bike, and he easily transitioned to riding a pedal bike without training wheels.”

Strider Sports International, Inc, is the leading manufacturer of balance bikes, creating over one million STRIDER Bike riders since 2007. The STRIDER Bike line-up includes the 12” model for younger riders, as well as the 16” and 20” models, developed specifically for individuals with special needs, such as Down syndrome, autism or cerebral palsy.

In 2014, Strider donated a total of more than $300,000 through the Rider Fund, of which more than 75% went to individuals with special needs. Through 2015, Strider expects to donate over $400,000 to non-profit organizations and is earmarking $200,000 to the Special Needs community. Strider also works with Special Olympics Young Athletes Program and sponsors the 2015 National Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walks.

“Learning through a safe progression of walk, stride and glide, STRIDER Bikes greatly improve the motor skills, core strength and balance of our students,” said Kim Burke, PT, MPT at LifeScape, a non-profit organization that serves children and adults with disabilities. “Individuals with disabilities usually get less physical activity than those without disabilities, so we are excited to partner with Strider. If kids can walk, they can ride a STRIDER and become more active and happier—every kid deserves a chance to learn to ride a bike!”

STRIDER Bikes give freedom to riders who want to go off the pavement onto grass or dirt paths. The bikes are lightweight, making them easy to ride, transport, store and carry. They handle turns with ease and cost $100-$280, much less than some adaptive bicycles and tricycles.

New this year at the 2nd Annual STRIDER Championship Series events are race classes for athletes with special needs. Strider is working with special needs organizations in each race region to give over ten bikes to individuals with special needs in advance of each race.

Most will not have previous experience on a two-wheeled bike, so Strider has a special, weekly training plan for the individuals to be ready—and excited—for the starting line. Riders will practice starting gates, riding side-by-side, ramps, passing, and other obstacles typical in a racing environment. They’ll also practice podium first-pumps, since all athletes are treated to an Olympic-style podium award ceremony after their race.

Four national races will be held in Bradenton, Fla. (April 25), Ventura, Calif. (May 9), Pittsburgh, Penn. (June 6), and Salt Lake City, Utah (August 8). The race categories are; 8 and under on 12” STRIDER Bikes; 8 years and under on 16” STRIDER Bikes; 9 years and up on 16” STRIDER Bikes; 9 years and up on 20” STRIDER Bikes.

The family-friendly Championship Series event includes the STRIDER Adventure Zone with fun activities and demo rides. Registration is free for individuals with special needs. Each athlete will receive a Strider goodie bag. To register, email Participants qualify for the STRIDER World Championship, August 28-29 in Rapid City, S.D. Last year, 16 individuals with special needs participated in an exhibition race. Watch their inspiring video on Strider’s Special Needs page.

Strider encourages others to consider adding to the Rider Fund so even more individuals with special needs can improve their physical—and emotional—health:

1. Donate to the Rider Fund on Strider’s website.
2. Purchase a STRIDER bike: Strider donates one percent of Strider Sports’ gross revenue from all sales worldwide each month toward the Rider Fund.
3. Those who already own a STRIDER Bike, can register it: Strider donates $1 for every bike registered.

About Strider Sports International, Inc.
Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Rapid City, SD, Strider Sports designs efficient, no-pedal balance bikes for all ages and abilities. Strider’s mission is to simplify a bike to its essence, so that proper size, weight, and simplicity combine to eliminate any fear of riding and instill confidence in the rider. STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bikes are industry-leading training bikes that help children as young as 18 months learn to ride effectively on two wheels. Strider also manufactures balance bikes for individuals with special needs and for seniors wanting to stay active later in life. The patented STRIDER Balance Bikes focus on the fundamentals of balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels. STRIDER Bikes are now distributed in more than 75 countries worldwide. In 2015, Strider sold its one-millionth bike. To learn more and to find a retailer in your area, visit, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

About the Strider Rider Fund
In its continued commitment to pay it forward, Strider Sports created the Strider Rider Fund in 2014 to facilitate providing balance bikes to non-profit organizations serving individuals in need. One percent of Strider Sport’s gross revenue from worldwide sales each month is allocated to the Rider Fund, and $1 is added for every STRIDER Bike registered online. To date, the Rider Fund has donated more than $300,000 in bikes and accessories, and is expected to increase that in 2015, with more than half of this amount earmarked for special needs organizations. To learn more about the Rider Fund, and to join the cause, please visit

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