Product Dimensions for all STRIDER Bike Models for Shipping

The following chart contains box dimensions in inches and centimeters as well as box weights in pounds and kilograms for all STRIDER™ bike models. Packout information for pallets shipping from the US and containers shipping from China is also shown. Note: the STRIDER 12 Classic box is slightly smaller than the box for the STRIDER 12 Sport and STRIDER 12 Pro. 


We urge you to verify any pallet-size restrictions with your Freight Forwarder prior to placing an order as we will need to adhere to their measurements and guidelines.

In the U.S., we use heat-treated wooden pallets, 40” x 48” (101.6cm x 121.9cm). A standard pallet of 60 Sport bikes is packed with 10 bikes in each layer, 6 layers high, and is shrink wrapped prior to shipping; this packed pallet measures 40.25” x 48” x 78” (102.24cm x 121.92cm x 198.12cm) and the overall weight is 623 pounds (282.59Kg). From the U.S., we can ship either from our warehouse in Torrance, California (Los Angeles) or from Atlanta, Georgia (usually exporting out of Miami, Florida).

The photo below shows our standard pallet build for 60 bikes:


This configuration creates a cavity in the center of the pallet as shown in the photo below. There is room to add 2 more bike boxes in this center cavity, thus allowing a total of 62 STRIDER 12 bikes on a pallet. However, because these boxes are not visible and the bar codes are not easily-scanable, please check with your customs broker to make sure this will not cause any issues.  


There are no restrictions on product mix on a pallet: all colors and styles of bikes, as well as Accessories and Marketing/Event Materials can be packed on the same pallet if needed.

Our Top 5 accessories in the US are:  

  1. Elbow/knee Pad Sets
  2. XL Seat Posts – needed for STRIDER riders ages 3-5 for a better fit (included in the Sport model)
  3. Plastic Bike Stands
  4. Number Plate Kits
  5. Gloves

Details on all of our accessories and bikes are available on our website at on Marketing Materials available to ship from the US are available on a separate blog post by clicking here (these items are only available in our Rapid City warehouse and would need to be shipped to Torrance or Atlanta to ship on the same pallet as bikes and accessories).

Packout details for pallets shipping from China are slightly different and need to be confirmed on a per-order basis. 

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