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st4 features

Strider Sports is excited to announce the
2013 STRIDER ST-4 model No-Pedal Balance Bike!



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How is it different than the ST-2?



The new ST-3 weighs less at 6.4 pounds which makes it even easier for Toddlers to handle.The new custom Strider ST-3 grips are down-sized to better fit Toddlers little hands.


Handlebars also come standard with motocross-style pad.


The ST-3 also features custom Strider Ultralight Wheels that are lighter and stronger than the previous wheel.


All-new, custom, smaller toddler-sized Strider Saddle.


Seat and handlebar now come standard with easy to adjust Quick-Clamps. No tools required. 


The ST-3 retains Strider’s unique, patented Launch Pad Footrest and performance geometry, as well as maintenance free EVA Polymer tires. Toddler bike technology will never be the same again!

The goal of the ST-3 design work was to make an even better FULL biking experience for Toddlers Worldwide! No other bike on the planet gives Toddlers a better introduction to all of the aspects of biking.

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Dealers, remember to emphasize the key points on Balance Bikes:

Most important Balance Bike Features:


  • Relative to Toddlers, not adults!


  • Low seat height and good ergonomics


  • A must for skill development and transition to pedal bikes


Lightweight: Any child’s bike must be as light as possible , especially balance bikes.

  • The key to Toddler’s having fun is giving them something THEY control, not something that beats them up, traps them when they fall, and is hard for Toddlers to handle.
  • Every feature of the Strider is based on this principle. that’s why it weighs in at 6.5 pounds TOTAL ASSEMBLED WEIGHT. Contrast this with a simple 12” pedal bike weighing in at 14+ pounds. One half of a typical Toddlers weight! Try riding a bike that weighs half of your weight…not fun.

Lightweight Wheels/Tires

  • Ultra-Light EVA tires and molded wheels are used because they are 1 pound lighter, per wheel, than a pneumatic tire/aluminum wheel combo
    • Imagine adding one pound of rotating mass to YOUR wheels. If it makes a big difference to adults it makes a HUGE difference to a Toddler
  • The EVA tire is also flat and maintenance free…parents REALLY appreciate this

Lightweight Headset

Most balance bike manufacturers are also adult bike manufacturers, they take their parts bin and use adult parts on Toddler bikes.Strider is designed from the other perspective, start simple, keep it light.

  • The progressive headset bushings on the Strider are plastic because a 30 – 50 pound Toddler does not need steel bearings and races!
  • This saves ¾ of a pound just in the headset!

Strider does NOT have a steering limiter because of safety reasons

  • Without a steering limiter the handlebars are able to fold FLAT. We’ve seen hundreds of balance bike crashes… with a steering limiter the bar can stick up and poke a falling child.
  • No limiter also teaches them that they need to limit their turns, and will have to on any bike they ride in the future.

FIT: The balance bike must fit the Toddler

  • If a toddler’s feet can’t touch the ground they can’t ride a balance bike and LEARN balance
  • Minimum seat height, seat width, and seat design are critical to function, learning, and comfort!
  • Strider has one of the lowest seat heights in the industry, and with our new ST-3 Toddler sized seat the Strider fits 18 – 36 month old Toddlers better than any other bike out there
  • Strider ST-3 also has Toddler sized grips!
  • Fit is function when it comes to Toddler Balance Bikes!

Footrests: are key to continued learning of balance skills

  • Footrests provide a riding position that centralizes the Toddlers mass, just like when pedaling a bike. This makes the transition to pedal bikes less of a step. (even though the jump in weight of the bike is still a BIG factor)

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Don’t forget our worldwide Toddler Racing Series: Strider Bikes are currently distributed in 35 countries worldwide.

Strider Sports is the founder of the World’s First Toddler Athletic Series: Strider World Cup; events are happening all over the world:


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