Photography Tips for Strider Parents!

Whether it’s on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account we see a ton of photos from proud Strider parents! Honestly, it’s one of the best parts about our jobs. Our top 3 list of favorite photos is: 1. Smiling Strider riders 2. Strider staff members riding bikes 3. Puppies (because, puppies).

All of the photos that are posted on our wall or tagged with #StrideOn are amazing snippets of the global Strider story. In the last 10 years we’ve also taken a lot of photos at events, in studio, and even of our own kids when they come visit us at work. In this post we’ve put together some easy ways to improve your photos whether they’re for your family photo album, the monthly Strider Calendar Contest, or the recently announced “Where Has Your Strider Taken You” 10th anniversary photo contest. 

Hopefully you’ll find these tips useful whether you have a $5000 DSLR, a point and shoot, or you’re primarily taking pictures with your phone.

PhotoGuide11. Get down low – Do you want a photo of your Strider riders beautiful smiling face or the top of their helmet? If you get down to eye level you’re sure to capture a more interesting image then standing at fullheight, shooting towards the ground. Feeling really adventurous? Kneel or even lay on the ground for a unique photo perspective.






RuleOfThirds2. Rule of thirds  Many photographers will cite the “Rule of Thirds” as the basis for a well balanced photo. Imagine breaking down your image into thirds (horizontally and vertically). By placing the main subject of the photo at intersections the viewer is naturally drawn to a focal point and there is plenty of room left in the photo to give context to the image. You can do this by intentionally framing shots while taking them or afterwards in photoshop or other editing software. 


3. Flash On – When you are outside…yes, you did read that right! You can manually switch the flash on your DSLR or the camera on your phone. It will even out the shadows cast by that helmet they are wearing to protect that sweet little brain of theirs.


PuddleSplash4. Anticipate – Watch where your Strider rider is heading and you will catch the perfect moment! 


5. Photos in Motion – The faster the shutter speed, the easier it is to stop the action in front of you. Most DSLR or a point and shoot digital camera will have a “sports” preset on your camera.



Good luck and happy shooting!

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