How Do You Eat an Elephant?


How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.

This is one of my favorite sayings and I found it to be my mantra yesterday morning as I was shoveling the four foot snow drifts off of what felt like the biggest driveway in the tri-state area.

Nothing in life comes easy. It takes persistence, patience, and hard work, I think as I am shoveling, one scoop at a time. Scrape, toss. Scrape, toss. Scrape, toss. I thought about Ryan, (Founder and Chief Enthusiast of Strider Sports International if you didn’t already know this) and wondered how he managed to get this little idea, a light bike with no pedals, to make a revolutionary difference in so many lives, and eventually on the entire biking industry.

I know how. He did (is currently doing) it one bite at a time. And also with a little help.

I get to the end of my driveway and start rounding the corner to my neighbors sidewalk who is elderly I don’t mind helping him, when suddenly another neighbor pops out with their winter gear on, starts shoveling their own walk and continues on to the next, and pretty soon, before we knew it, every neighbor was out with their shovel, helping each other and filling in the gaps of the houses of people who aren’t able to do their own, until the street has one big long beautiful sidewalk on each side with walls of white and one happy mailman who is casually walking down the street, as opposed to miserably trekking through the snow-pocolypse.

My Little Helpers

*My little snow helpers pictured above Anna, and Adam.

A little help goes a long way. In trying to spread the STRIDER revolution to the world we are getting help from phenomenal organizations like USA BMX, devoted home based dealers, and people like you, who simply show the world a kid on a STRIDER and let the product speak for itself. If you imagine that child on a bike, being single bite of the elephant we can all get this done.

And even if the snow-eating-elephant-riding-a-bike analogy may seem a little strange; keep it mind next time you’re faced with a task that may seem impossible. You never know how much you might accomplish with a lot of hard work and a little help.

bode strider

*Where it all started… Bode McFarland, then age 2, pictured above with the first STRIDER Prototype.

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